Monday, 20 June 2016

Success in the Summer Sales

Hi Lovelies,

Yes the pretty awful weather we are experiencing (AKA Summer) had to have some benefits - the most important being that the sales have already been going on for a couple of weeks.
Sooo, what do you do? Do you grab the pieces that you want straight away or do you wait and take the chance that they will go to second reduction?

Well personally, in the winter sales I tend to buy the pieces that I want as soon as the sales start - I think that is probably because we seem to get so much more wear out of winter pieces in the UK and it is wretched to miss out on something you have really been wanting, but in the summer I only really buy the pieces that I wanted at full price, or if there are only a very few left in stock.

So when the Net-a-Porter sale started there were only 2 items in my wish list that I was hoping would be reduced.

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it - in fact I thought about getting this dress for the Garden Party at Buck House - But I still struggle with paying hundreds of pounds for Topshop Unique - I know that they are obviously better quality than your regular Topshop - but you know - it's still Topshop designers!
So I was crossing my fingers that it would go into the sale

Belfour Silk Tea Dress by Topshop Unique was £225 now £135

and I was hoping for the same with these boots.
 If you haven't tried Rag & Bone - try them if you ever see them on sale - they are so cool - but also really comfortable so you can wear them all day and not give them a second thought.

Rag and Bone Harrow grey Ankle Boot £375 now £188

Well they were delivered today and they are both keepers. The dress is beautiful - even at sale time Net-a-Porter get it right - it came in a black garment bag and boxed - and the colour and feel of the silk is stunning.
And the boots - totally brilliant too (and smell amazing!!) and with this weather it is not like I am going to have to wait long to wear them ………..

and I have mentioned it on Instagram but I got exceptional service from Mulberry recently.
They tracked down a bag for me that had sold out online within 10 minutes of it going into the sale.

It was the Rose Petal Lily Bag in Ostrich (it was my birthday!!)

They gave us lovely treats of Champagne & chocolate truffles

Loving the brand new Dark Green Mulberry Bags - with thick ribbon handles

and this beautiful little purse is from the new season collection

Mulberry Candy Small Zip Around Purse £145

Very Cute together

And the Blossom Mulberry Totes went into the sale and they are a really awesome bag at an awesome price if you are looking for a work tote or a throw everything in bag!

Reduced to £297 from £495 the leather on these bags is stunning
I liked Neon Blue the best so chose that one

It is hard to get excited about anything else as we just don't really have the weather to justify buying them - so all of these pieces will work all year round so I am super happy.

Would love to hear about what you have managed to buy in the sales.

Thanks for reading xx

Saturday, 21 May 2016

What to wear if you are lucky enough to be invited to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party!

Hi Lovelies,

Well, the title above was EXACTLY what I typed in to Google when this incredible invitation was sent to us recently.

The only guideline you are given is to wear a Day Dress (with hat being optional) Garden Parties at The Palace are notoriously secret as you are not supposed to take pictures, so there were very few photos online of what people wore - which was probably a good thing. I wasn't going to be happy wearing something that wasn't really "me" and I wanted a dress that I would love to wear again.

So I just chose one that made me say - aww thats so pretty.
It was by Needle & Thread from Liberty London and it was the first dress that I tried

Needle & Thread Floral Tiered Dress in Pastel Pink £285

I wore it with some LK Bennett Sandals and my Chanel Kelly bag

and because it was a summer Garden Party in England of course I had to take a coat!

White Lace Coat by Love Label (I got it on sale for about £40!!)

So, at a little before 3pm we arrived at the Hyde Park entrance and joined the queue of excited people. This was the perfect opportunity to people-watch and check out some outfits! Celebrities for security reasons have to go through the same entrance so it was surreal to see them joining the line just like us.

After a security check you are free to follow the signs and see all of the grounds of Buckingham Palace and the marvellous lake - it really is quite incredible as you would never believe you were in Central London and you quickly become very aware of what a once in a lifetime event this really is - and all the while the Queen's Band is playing in the background!

I was prepared to keep my phone in my bag for the entire afternoon - but guests were taking pictures immediately - it is impossible really not to now - so if you are going - you ARE now allowed to take pictures on your phone - just not of the Royal Party which is fair enough!

At 3.30 on the dot, the high tea is served - people were queuing up well before this though!

You can have as many sandwiches and cakes as you can manage. They are served on rectangular white plates with a little indent for your teacup so that you don't spill anything!

Cucumber & Mint, Egg Mayonaise & Cress, and Ham & English Mustard Sandwiches (crustless of course!) were served with Coronation Chicken or Salmon & Cream Cheese tiny Wraps, Salmon and oodles of baby cakes - everything is made at The Palace kitchens.
You could then choose between Tea, Coffee, Iced Coffee or Homemade Lemonade - so civilised!

And while eating, just before 4 o clock you are encouraged to make a line and then the National Anthem played and Prince Charles walked out of the palace accompanied by 6 Yeoman of the Guard.

I cannot tell you how many celebrities we saw - they were literally everywhere you turned and included Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones, Pixie Lott, Holly Willougby, Fearne Cotton, Tony Hadley, Status Quo, Rick Parfait, Jess Glynn, Mike Rutherford, Martin Clunes, Sir Ben Kingsley, Joan Collins, a whole bunch of athletes and lots of very worthy Charity helpers.

It was a day we will never forget and I cannot begin to express how privileged we felt to be invited.

Best of all on the way out, you are allowed to tour the ground floor entrance of the Palace and then walk through the private square

and then you end up at the front of the palace looking out at the gates so that you can see everybody peering in - and get a glimpse at what it looks like from the Royals point of view - and you see the famous balcony from which all the best wedding pictures happen!

and we ended our beautiful day with dinner at The Oxo Tower

A special shout out to my new shoes - I knew I needed to wear wedges as most of the event was on the lawn and I wore a brand new pair of shoes for 12 hours and they were a dream - I honestly have never worn a comfier pair of shoes!

LK Bennett Ripley Gold Wedges £195

Thanks for reading xx

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Holiday purchases !!!

Hi Lovelies,

I love holidays - I just absolutely hate flying, and so we tend to leave it until the last possible moment to book anything so that I can't stress out (too much).

 I wish I was one of those people that booked all of their breaks months in advance and could count down the time until I was going, but in reality, I don't think it is ever going to happen! And so we have booked a week in Dubai for next week and with so little time I am feeling woefully under prepared. In 4 days I will be on my way there.

I have booked a hypnosis session for tomorrow which I am hoping is going to go great, and so now that is sorted I have to think about what to take along - so online shopping has been my best friend.

Now, the most important thing surely is new sunglasses obviously!!  (no? Just me?)  It's a sickness - every time we go away I have to buy a new pair, and I knew EXACTLY which ones I wanted.

The Chanel 5340H Sunglasses with double pearls on the arm

I have been boring my friends with them with repeated trips to Sunglasses Hut to try them on (sorry guys)
but they are £408 and I just didn't want to pay that much for them.
The woman in the store said - think of them as more of a piece of jewellery - err I don't think so - although come to think of it some Chanel pearls would go rather nicely with them ………..

and so PretaVoir came to the rescue (  they sell them online so do not have the overheads of the stores, and whilst not cheap, they were a much better price and their service has been exceptional

I went for the Chanel 5340H in dark blue with cream pearl arms - yummy

I could have waited and tried to get them duty free at the airport, but I didn't want to run the risk that they might not have them, and the price was actually better from Pretavoir than the duty free price would be, so it was a no brainer really. They are arriving this afternoon, so I am excited to receive them.

And going somewhere beautiful is just the excuse I needed to try my first Self Portrait dress.
I have wanted one for ages, I love everything about their ethos - principally that designer dresses do not have to cost the earth and that you can purchase exquisite quality materials with great fitting without it having to cost thousands of pounds.

So I have ordered the Azaelea lace dress in Antique Rose
(which is also arriving this afternoon - thank you MatchesFashion for your same day delivery)
I will be pacing the hallway this afternoon waiting for these to arrive!
Self Portrait Azealea Lace Dress £240
(available in beautiful pastel colours for this season)

So after indulging in those goodies I thought I should get back to the high street (and my current wardrobe) for other pieces to take

I found this cute skirt in Zara - perfect for popping over swimwear during the day as it has an elasticated waist, and then to pair with a camisole or vest top in the evenings

Embroidered Skirt - Zara £39.99

This little dress from Topshop comes in powder blue for this year, and I also have the bright yellow and white ones from last summer which I am going to take as they are so light and easy to wear

Applique sundress - Topshop £36

and I picked up these cuties (they come in cream and black)

Crochet detail Sundress - Topshop £29

These Floozie & French Bikini's from Debenhams are adorable
I literally wanted every single design they had, but chose these two

Floozie by Frost French Striped Bikini - top £26.50 bottoms £15

and this one even has little silver starfishes on the end of the straps - it's amazing!

Floozie & French Seahorse Bikini - prices same as above

White Pompom trim Beach Kaftan - Topshop £30

and from ASOS I have these bits

Off shoulder dress - ASOS £38 (size down if you order this one)

Stripe Linen off shoulder sundress - ASOS £38

and the first thing I will pack will be my favourite little cherry sundress from Traffic people

Last year when we went to Dubai I packed far too many shoes (a shocker I know)
but having now been, I know that evening shoes just don't happen there - it is far too hot. So I am taking some cute sparkly flats, flip-flops and this very neutral pair of tan wedges which will go with everything and are low enough to wear during the day too.
I'm verging on being very sensible here

Kurt Geiger Miss KG Pineapple Wedges £55

So what do we think? A couple of pairs of shorts, a silk kimono for evening and some vest tops and I should be ready - now where did I put that San Tropez tanning mousse ……

Thanks for reading xx